Another happy roof and customer

Keeping on top of your winter roof installation

A professional roof installation begins with proper planning.  Ensuring that the small details are taken care of enables us to work smoothly and without issues.  Protecting our customer’s home from falling debris is a very important job that is often overlooked by other Calgary roofers.

New Calgary Roof Installation in McKenzie Towne

                  This new roof installation in McKenzie Towne was the icing on the cake for Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors.  The homeowner converted his old two car garage into a much larger work area.  After framing and sheeting the structure with his son, he turned to Stalwart Roofing to… Read More…

A Calgary Roof Installation in Edgemont

Pick the right Calgary Roofers This large bungalow in a sleepy corner of Edgemont in Calgary has seen two roof installations over the years.  Built in 1979 when cedar shakes were cheap and plentiful, the roof weathered the years until 2010, when the previous occupants had decided to change it.  We’re still not sure whether… Read More…

Another Happy Customer under a Stalwart Roof

This Calgary roofing project in Arbour Lake was completed in Spring of 2014. The customer was having trouble deciding on the colour so we brought over some sample boards, laid them against the siding in the sunlight and went over the options. The homeowner wanted something rich in colour but that wouldn’t limit her options… Read More…

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