Can Your Leaky Calgary Eavestroughs Be Repaired?

A Calgary eavestrough springing a minor leak is not exactly an uncommon occurrence. Unfortunately, it’s also all too common for Calgary homeowners to ignore those leaks, fearing the hassle and expense of a full eavestrough replacement. Little do they know, those eavestrough leaks can be quickly repaired!

Eavestrough Repair is a Good Idea for Your Calgary Home

Eavestrough leaks can be patched up pretty easily and with little cost, and they’ll keep your eavestroughs working like new until it really is time for a replacement (because hey—nothing lasts forever).

All you need is a bit of epoxy and some patching material—aluminum for aluminum eavestroughs, and vinyl or other material for heavy-duty plastic eavestroughs—a ladder, and a dry day to do the work. Of course, you can also call Calgary’s premier professional roofing and eavestrough maintenance team to do the job for you, too!

Repairing minor leaks in your eavestroughs will not only prevent major problems with your roof and eavestrough from developing, but it’s also the best idea for your home. Keep the water flowing where it’s supposed to be going and away from where it isn’t wanted, without any of the fuss of a major repair or an eavestrough replacement.

Call Calgary’s Top Roofers for All Your Eavestrough Needs

Noticed a leak in your eavestroughs? Thinking it’s about time to fix them? Want someone to check out your entire roof and make sure everything’s up to snuff? At Stalwart Roofing, we do it all for everyone in the Calgary area, and we’d be happy to help you, too—give us a call today!

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