Can Critters Cause Damage to Your Calgary Roof?

Winter’s weather is now behind us, but summer’s just around the corner and the wildlife could pose a threat to your Calgary home and roof. Are you prepared to fend off the beasts and keep the top of your home in tip-top shape?

Termites are Just the Start of Your Calgary Roof’s Potential Invaders

Wind, rain, and snow aren’t the only sources of potential damage to your roof—termites and other insects can degrade its integrity quickly, and rodents trying to turn your house into their home can do wreak destruction, too.

And as with most things, when it comes to your Calgary roof an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Insects like termites can cause structural damage all their own, but most of the other wildlife that might harm your roof (and cause any number of problems once they’re inside) will exploit the weaknesses they find, and then make the problem even worse. Raccoons, like rats, can squeeze through remarkably small holes, and have been known to set up shelters in attic crawl spaces if they can find access—limit the access by keeping your roof in good repair, and you’ve fended off a world of trouble.

Inspect and Protect Your Calgary Roof Today!

Want to make sure your roof is ready to withstand any critter that might come by? Get your roof inspected by the Calgary roofing professionals at Stalwart Roofing! We’ll make sure your roof is critter-free and completely sealed, and we can repair any problems we find on the spot.

Spring is here and summer’s coming, so set up your appointment today!

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