Calgary Roofs and Tall Trees Don't Mix

We love our trees for all sorts of reasons, but a tall tree too close to your roof could spell trouble. We’re not telling you to run out and grab a chainsaw, but consider the extra risks a tree can present to your Calgary roof and see if trimming back might be in order.

Trees Drop Debris, and That’s Bad News for Roofs

Leaves and needles look great on trees, but they aren’t so great for your roof. They can collect moisture where they pile up on your shingles, accelerating normal wear and potentially leading to rot that can damage your roof’s integrity. A regular sweep of your roof is a good idea for maintenance, anyway, but having a tree that overhangs your roof makes it a chore you should be doing (or having done) more often.

Big Branches Can Break Your Calgary Home

A healthy tree doesn’t pose much of a threat, but any dead or diseased areas of the tree increase the risk that a heavy branch could fall and possibly break through your roof. A strong enough storm can knock large branches even off of perfectly healthy trees, and that can lead to a major roof repair.

Calgary Critters Strike Again

We’ve already pointed out how critters can hurt your Calgary roof, and having a tree right next to it increases the chance that wildlife large and small will find a way to scamper across, nest on, or burrow into your roof. Like the trees themselves, these critter are great a little ways off, but keeping them off your roof is probably best.

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