Calgary Roofers Recommend Regular Cleaning

The simplest solution is often the best, and that’s true when it comes to roof maintenance, too. Few things are as simple yet effective when it comes to long-term roof maintenance as keeping your roof clean and free of debris that can otherwise collect moisture and contribute to rot, become a home for insects that can cause other damage, and otherwise add wear and tear to your roof.

At the same time, keeping your roof clean might not be as simple as it sounds. Your roof is up pretty high—at the top of your house, even!—and hard to reach. Here are three tips from Calgary’s top roofing team for keeping your roof clean and practically worry-free.

1. Don’t Walk on Your Roof

Getting on top of your roof is dangerous, both for you and for your roof. Shingles can crack or slip from the weight of your footsteps, and it’s even possible to cause structural damage by placing too much stress in the wrong spot. Use a broom to reach debris from upstairs or attic windows, if you can (tie a long rope to the broom just in case you drop it, or it will just be more debris on your roof). A ladder—always with someone holding it at the bottom—can help you reach debris near your roof’s edges.

2. Don’t Try to Clear Your Roof With Your Hose

Spraying gallons of water at debris stuck on your roof might knock it loose, or it might just saturate it—and your roof—and speed up any rot that’s occurring. It can also lead to clogged eavestroughs and other roofing problems.

3. When In Doubt, Call the Calgary Roofing Professionals

Stalwart Roofing offers regular roof cleaning and inspection services to our customers throughout the Calgary area. Don’t put yourself or your roof at unnecessary risk—if you see debris on your roof or if it’s been more than a year since your last roofing inspection, give us a call today.

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