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If you’re looking for Calgary roof repairs you’re likely also worried about your home underneath it too.  The cause of the leak may be small, but the problems caused by it can be significant.   The dominant cause of roof leaks in a Calgary home  is poor workmanship.  Lack of attention to detail by the Calgary roofing contractor –  or even just plain carelessness – can often and easily lead to water penetrating into your home and wreaking havoc.  That’s why it’s important to have an expert come and assess the problem and fix it the first time around – and for good.  Our team of roofing repair specialists has over two decades of combined experience in assessing and repairing leaky roofs and homes.  If you’re looking for a free estimate for a leak repair – Call Now! (403) 970 6996
The two elements fundamental to understanding proper waterproofing of a roof are:

  • Materials
  • Architecture

Using the proper materials for the situation seems obvious, but it is important that your roofing contractor knows exactly what the products are made for and the manufacturer’s specifications for installation them.  Understanding the architecture means knowing where to direct water when it interacts with the structure, and how these factors combine to shed it properly.

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Having an experienced roof repair specialist assess the situation is your best way of mitigating further damage to your home due to roof leaks.An improper repair can serve to redirect the leak or make you think it is fixed when it’s really not.

Your roofing contractor needs to have a thorough understanding of a variety of the following architectural features:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Framing
  • HVAC
  • Windows
  • Envelope
  • Physics

Without a working knowledge of all of these fields a leak cannot always be reliably fixed, which can mean worry, headache, cost, and long-term damage to your home and to your roof.So, if your leaky roof is keeping you up at night make sure you hire the professionals

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