For a Calgary Roof Inspection, the Best Time is Always Now

Most Calgary homeowners don’t spend a lot of time standing on the roof of their house—and they shouldn’t!—so it’s understandable that most don’t think about their roof all too often. And yet a solid, well-sealed roof is as important to the long-term health of your home as the foundation, and regular roof inspections are as important as performing routine inspections and maintenance on your car.
Your car likely has little lights, bells, and whistles to let you know when something needs a look from a trustworthy Calgary professional, but houses aren’t quite as sophisticated (yet). If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to have your roof inspected, the answer is all but certainly “yes.”

Calgary Roof Inspections Prevent Calgary Home Woes

Getting your roof inspected annually is recommended, and if it’s been more than five years since your last inspection it’s an absolute must. The normal wear and tear of the Calgary elements can cause minor problems that are easily spotted and fixed with regular inspections, but that can lead to major repairs or even an entire re-roofing if left unchecked.
Roofing inspection really is the first step in preventative maintenance for your home, saving a lot of money and stress when it’s handled by honest and reliable professionals. If your Calgary home is due for a roof inspection, give us a call at family-owned Stalwart Roofing, and we’ll make sure your house’s head is on straight!

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