Calgary Fascia & Soffit

very house is built with fascia and soffit as a requirement of the architecture.  On older houses these were all wood that had to be painted every few seasons, and are susceptible to rot over the course of the years.  Modern homes have aluminum cladding on both the fascia and the soffit as a matter of course.  Aluminum cladding is popular for two reasons, both of them very important to Calgary homeowners:


1.    Metal Fascia, Soffit, and Gutters are Maintenance Free!

That’s right, once fascia and soffits are clad in aluminum they are completely maintenance free, provided you’ve chose the right Calgary fascia contractor or soffit contractor for the installation of the product.


2.    Metal fascia, soffit, and gutters have great aesthetic appeal

Aluminum soffits and fascia provide great aesthetic appeal to your home by providing clean lines and crisp clear colours.  The finish is factory-applied in such a high-quality manner that no refinishing or re-painting is required for the entire lifetime of the product – which is decades! Aluminum soffit and fascia installations have the same great look after 10 years as they did they day they were installed.  Only marginally costlier than painting the same area once, they start saving you money after only a few years!
Over our 10 years in the industry we’ve left a host of satisfied customers in our wake, and seen every kind of situation, problem, and architecture there is to see!  Our competitive pricing and diligent attention to detail make us a great choice for Calgary fascia cladding or Calgary soffit installation!  Call now for a free estimate!

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