Avoiding a Collapse of Your Calgary Roof is Easy

Every winter, there are stories of roofs collapsing under the weight of snow. Not only does this lead to the major construction project and serious expense of replacing the collapsed section—and frequently, the entire roof—but it can also make your Calgary home unlivable for the remainder of the winter season, and can lead to serious damage to your possessions and your home’s interior.

In the majority of cases, proper roof maintenance before the major storm might have prevented the collapse, and could have even enabled the same roof to survive the Calgary winter completely unscathed. Prevention is far easier and more affordable than dealing with a roof collapse, so heed these simple roofing tips.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

A regular cleaning and inspection of your roof by a team of experienced Calgary professionals will identify any weakened or damaged areas before they become a major problem. A minor repair or reinforcement can be all it takes to prevent major damage.

Make Minor Improvements When You Can

Adding extra reinforcement to your roof, changing your roof’s pitch, and even changing certain materials used in your roof can change the amount of snow that builds up on your Calgary roof in the first place, and can also help your roof withstand more weight without collapsing. Making these minor upgrades to your roof can add value to your home and prevent the need for more major mid-winter repairs.

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