Shingles, Roof Maintenance, & Roof Repair

Shingles, Roof Maintenance & Roof Repair

 Calgary’s Weather is harsh and unforgiving.  Buffeted by high winds, beaten by sudden hail storms, frozen solid, and baked in unrelenting sun, roofing in Calgary takes a beating.  Roof repairs from blown off shingles are common, shingle repairs and leak repairs from hail damage and aging all the more still.

  As your shingles age the gravel will begin to loosen and fall off.  This allows sunlight to interact with the asphalt mat underneath causing it to soften and degrade, allowing more gravel to fall off and even more sunlight to affect the shingles.  Gravel will being to accumulate in the eavestrough and the shingles will begin to curl.  Curled shingles will present an ingress for wind, and blow-offs will start to occur.  All of these factors can allow small amounts of water to penetrate to the roof deck and allow the process of rot to begin.  If left unchecked the water will begin to work its way into the insulation and mould can flourish.  In more extreme cases the water will wash down through the insulation picking up dirt along the way and begin to stain the ceiling inside, making the roof repair expensive and intrusive.

  As a pro-active homeowner the best time to take care of your roof is when loose gravel and gravel loss begins to appear uniformly across the whole roof.  At this point the shingles will be in a process of steep decline, yet not presenting any major issues and not in need of roof repair.  While it can seem more cost effective to defer replacement until a later date, doing so can allow for more serious problems to develop and can end up adding extra repair costs.

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Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors is pleased to offer services in the following cities and neighborhoods:

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