A Calgary Roofer's Guide to Removing Ice Dams: Part 2

We warned you: removing ice dams once they’ve formed on your Calgary roof is a job best left to the professionals. Sometimes that pioneering, do-it-yourself spirit that built Calgary from the ground up simply can’t be kept down, and for those of you who might be a bit longer on pride than sense, here are some tips to keep you as safe as possible.

Use an Ice Dam Steamer

They’re a bit pricy for a single-purpose tool—another reason it makes sense to hire a professional—but an ice dam steamer really is the safest and most effective way to remove an ice dame once one has formed on your Calgary roof. A good ice dam steamer will melt the ice off your roof edges quickly without damaging the roof underneath, and after some practice they aren’t too hard to wield at the top of a ladder or while in a safety harness atop your snow-covered roof (please, please call a professional).

Do NOT Use Hammers, Picks, or Chisels

While it is technically possible to remove ice dams simply by chipping away at them, you’re far more likely to damage your roof and/or seriously injure yourself by attempting to chisel away at an ice dam one or more storeys above ground level. Don’t do it—use the right equipment to do the job safely and effectively, or, you know…

…CALL A CALGARY ROOFING PROFESSIONAL TO DO IT FOR YOU. Either way, really. We won’t tell you what to do (call us).

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