A Calgary Roofer's Guide to Removing Ice Dams: Part 1

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and never was that more true than during a Calgary winter—especially when it comes to your roof. Ice dams are notorious wintertime roof-damagers, causing moisture to seep under your shingles and adding stress and strain to all of your roofing components.

Because they can start causing damage from the minute they form—and because getting rid of them is no simple task—preventing ice dams from forming will always be ideal. Ice dams can form on even the most well-maintained Calgary roofs, though, and when they form they need to be unformed fast.

A Calgary Roofing Professional is an Ice Dam’s Worst Nightmare

OK, I know you want tips on how to fix ice dams yourself, and I’ll give you some in Part 2 of this article. Like many roofing repairs, though, ice dam removal can be difficult and downright dangerous without the right equipment and experience, and few Calgary homeowners have enough of either. Letting a trained professional with the right safety gear and tools climb up to your roof in sub-freezing temperatures is something you seriously ought to consider.

If you simply can’t be stopped from trying things yourself, click on over to Part 2 for a couple pointers. If you have even a little sanity, or maybe a spouse to talk some sense into you, please contact us instead. We promise it will be a lot less painful.

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