A Calgary Roof Isn't Just Shingles

When we think of a Calgary Roof replacement the first thing that comes to mind is the roofing product itself.  Be it shingles, shake, tile, or metal, the most important part of the process is picking your waterproofing material.  Along with replacing the actual roofing material itself, we also replace all the flashings we can – flashings are used anywhere there is a wall or roof penetration.

Which flashings on your Calgary roof should always be replaced?

  • Rubber Flashings – Rubber mats are used to create a watertight seal around plumbing penetrations.  The mat has a hole of specified diameter and fights tightly around the air vent for your plumbing system.  This product is always replaced and never reused.
  • Plastic Flashings – Modern air vents are typically made of a rigid UV resistant plastic, and are quite resilient.  Air vents are always replaced and never reused.
  • Metal flashings – New valley metal is always used in your Calgary roof installation.  The valley is the most vulnerable part of your roof due to the amount of water that flows through it.  Bathroom vents are also made of metal, and are always replaced.

Your roof will last for decades, and having the right flashings back up your product is essential.  Some flashings, however, are not quite so easy to replace.

When is flashing not replaced on a Calgary roof installation?

Where the roof meets the wall and around chimneys there is metal flashing that interleaves with the shingles and sits behind the siding.  It is normally impossible to remove this material without removing the siding itself, which can end up being quite invasive or difficult.  Usually the wall flashing & step flashing material sees 2 or 3 roof replacements before being replaced itself.  The metal is designed to last the lifetime of the shingles, but it is not impervious to weather – in fact it is designed to intentionally corrode.   Read more on the considerations of using metal flashing on your roof by clicking here[insert link]

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