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Leaks on a Calgary Eavestrough

When installed properly, eaves troughs are designed to last decades with little or no maintenance.  Light fading of the paint is normal in darker colours, but aside from that the aluminum is rugged and durable, and the fasteners are corrosion resistant.  After a couple of decades, however the gentle forces of time begin to express… Read More…

Replace the whole roof Installation or just half?

As every Calgarian knows all too well, the weather in our vast city can be fierce no matter the time of year.  Blistering sun, howling winds, driving snow, torrential rain, bludgeoning hail, and ice & frost coating every square inch.  Calgary is so expansive that we frequently experience different types of weather all at the same time.  We… Read More…

Keeping on top of your winter roof installation

A professional roof installation begins with proper planning.  Ensuring that the small details are taken care of enables us to work smoothly and without issues.  Protecting our customer’s home from falling debris is a very important job that is often overlooked by other Calgary roofers.

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