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Our staff are standing by to receive your request and to give you excellent service and competitive estimates for Calgary roofing, eavestroughs, gutters, soffit and fascia. With over 10 years in the business, an A+ rating with the BBB, a 10 star rating on HomeStars, and hundreds of satisfied customers, we’re a company that can be counted on to deliver!

Roofing is About Trust

Trust in your provider and trust in the products.  With trust comes word of mouth, which is such an incredibly important driver in our success as a Calgary roofing company

Trust is about people

If you trust your contractor you know the job is done right, no matter the challenges along the way.  Our knowledgeable staff are dedicated to delivering excellent service, meet them below:

Success Means Hard Work

Delivering high quality installations is a habit that requires diligence and determination.  Every project and every customer is different,

Request a Free Estimate!

We offer free estimates in Calgary and surrounding areas for residential re-roofing, roof repairs and leak repairs, hail damage, and insurance claims – including the installation and repair of eavestroughs.




UntitledStalwart Roofing & Exteriors has been an outstanding provider of roofing, eavestrough, soffit, and fascia installations for 10 years now. Our honest, thorough, and competitive services have earned us a reputation as a good choice for Calgary homeowners. We’re homeowners too, and we want to provide the same kind of respectful and worry free experience we would wish to receive on our own homes.

Individual property owners are an essential and valued source of business for us, and we gear our organization to providing to Calgary roofing services that are transparent, worry free, and that will keep your investment protected for years to come. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve streamlined our process to keep things stress free and to take out any of the guess work.

The process of a roof installation on your home can sometimes seem intimidating or like a huge hassle. That’s where our decade of experience in Calgary roof replacement comes into play.

When you call for a Stalwart roof we break down our process into a few simple steps:

One of our trained and professional estimators will visit to measure and assess the property in detail We prepare and deliver an accurate, straightforward and concise estimate of project. We will call to make sure you have received the information and understand it You pick your products and colours and and authorize Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors to proceed We schedule the work & materials delivery, and keep you posted of our expected timelines

While work is in progress we are checking the health of the underlying structure and ensuring the installation meets our quality control standards Upon receipt of payment we provide a written warranty stating the materials used and tasks performed.

It’s that simple. Our processes are proven and effective, our customers are satisfied, and word of mouth keeps growing. Our good name and good reputation are improving with every year as we provide to Calgary roofing and eavestrough replacement services that are affordable and reliable. We are licensed, insured, and we have an A+ rating with the Southern Alberta BBB. We provide references with our eavestrough or roofing estimate Calgary to Airdrie to Cochrane. If they’re looking for an honest, affordable, and quality roof replacement, Calgary calls Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors!

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Cities & Areas Served

Stalwart Roofing & Exteriors is pleased to offer services in the following cities and neighborhoods:

We serve all of Calgary and surrounding communities. Give us a call today!

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Exactly Why to Decide on Stalwart roofing & exteriors?

Here at Stalwart roofing & exteriors we honestly look at being a roofing company very earnestly. All of us recognize that undoubtably when people are searching to get a first-rate roofing company in Calgary people desire the greatest. Certainly continually strive to be the finest roofing company we could be around Alberta. It really is our resolve to being the finest that has generated us truly substantial regard here with each of our consumers.

Being a first-rate roofing company in Calgary all of us furthermore invariably attempt to commit to listen to each of our clienteles' problems with extreme diligence and devoid of delay. We all always make time. We all think that it is genuinely important to be sure clientele feel truly understood and also taken care of.

Now there usually are not too many roofing company that maintain the specific skills combined with track record to brand theirselves as a innovator within their industry. Merge that in with our very high degree of consumer assistance and certainly we feel we absolutely are the finest first-rate roofing company in Calgary inside Alberta.

Dying to start now?

Everthing starts with a simple phone call.

Phone 403 988 6877.

We are pleased to go over your current roofing company questions at length on the telephone or via e-mail in case that is best for yourself. After that we'll propose the remedy which idealy fits your situations goals. Find out why people now refer to us as the very best first-rate roofing company in Calgary!

Continue to Want Enticing? Different Outstanding Reasons Stalwart roofing & exteriors is A Roofing Company In Calgary

Dedication to Elite Excellence - A Roofing Quote Company In Calgary and A Roofing Repair Company In Calgary

Our devotion to high-quality is extremely significant. When you're trying to become a first-rate roofing company in Calgary or a first-rate roofing company in Calgary, there is certainly really no other path but to really do your personal best to excel. Whenever a specified client will take extra effort, we all give this buyer additional time. Almost anything to be able to make sure they are very happy with all of us as a roofing company. Remember, we do work with practically all of Alberta, therefore please email us.

Willpower - An Eavestrough Company In Calgary and An Eavestrough Repair Company In Calgary

Our valued clientele have sometimes mentioned our team as a first-rate roofing company in Calgary, a first-rate roofing company in Calgary, a first-rate roofing company in Calgary combined with the finest Alberta headquartered roofing company you will find! Really this would not materialise if you're lacking amazingly hard work in addition to commitment to your foundational clientele and also the quality found within your end result. In case you are shopping around for a first-rate roofing company in Calgary, we all honestly contend that we are sincerely the better choice. Phone Stalwart roofing & exteriors to explain what you want now! 403 988 6877.

Expertise - An Gutter Quote Company In Calgary and A Distinguished Roofing Company In Calgary

For virtually any sector, knowledge definitely is a primary aspect with regards to results. When you may be searching for a first-rate roofing company in Calgary, this is definitely more true. As a roofing company, we can easily convey to you decisively how the ultimate end result is certainly influenced simply by the practical knowledge of the business you're contracting. The extremely massive amount of practical experience which Stalwart roofing & exteriors has got being a first-rate roofing company in Calgary, is precisely why a person must believe in us for your patronage. In case you will be wanting for a first-rate roofing company in Calgary, consider Stalwart roofing & exteriors. Ensure you talk to us ASAP.

Reach out Today for a No Charge Consultation!

We won't be underpriced. Now don't pay high costs only because you did not talk with us. Think you have an unbeatable rate ? Why don't you be absolutely totally sure? Speak with us here. You well may just simply learn that we are in truth most suitable price. Plenty of customers have previously.

Determining the best roofing company to work with is a crucial decision. Choose the best decision. Why don't you discuss with us all with simply no requirement to figure out for yourself if we all are actually the optimal roofing company for your criteria.

Call Today!

403 988 6877